Silky sas, since 1972 in Treviso: screen printing company, offset and digital.
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The company was founded in February 1972.
Silky looks onto the market like silk-screen printing, a microstructure dedicated above all to the production of self-adhesive advertising and industrial labels. The silk-screen printing in those years reached its peak with the print on self-adhesive PVC. In most cases, the requests included self-adhesive prints, which were then used by commercial or industrial activity such as promotional gadgets or corporate gifts for customers.
The request for the sticker “gadget” was now rooted and important in numerical terms. The demand was not limited to the promotion but ranged from the printing of technical stickers used for safety warnings, direction indications or warnings of danger, to the plates metals used for the most part on industrial machinery. With the printing of promotional and technical stickers, the company also equipped itself for printing window decals. The request came mostly from realities dealing with large retailers, who had the need to promote points of sale making them recognizable through the application of stickers on shop windows.
In 1976, with the acquisition of a logistically more suitable industrial plant, the productions diversified. In addition to screen printing on adhesive PVC, the company specialized in screen printing for the footwear and sports sector. The print solutions on products ranged from shoe uppers to details for ski boots to sports equipment in general. The clientele was made up of the major companies at national and international level due to its proximity to the footwear district of Montebelluna, world leader in sports footwear.
The printing techniques used for footwear were then also applied to the world of textiles, so it was for the company that an important phase of development began. Conspicuous investments were made for the expansion of screen printing on fabric and for the production of high definition sublimation tranfer. The internal staff went from a small group of collaborators to some tens.
This allowed to create and consolidate important collaborations with leading companies in the textile sector in the province of Treviso.

With the nineties, the era of sublimation printing begins.
In those years sublimation was an innovative yet challenging technique, still due to its processing complexity, it is performed by a few companies nationwide. In fact it consists in off-set or silk-screen printing of sheets of paper called sublimation transfers. These sheets, printed with special inks are placed in contact with the materials to be decorated, then through a subsequent hot working step the inks are deposited on the supports creating the customization of the product in high definition.
Thanks to this technique, the company has distinguished itself for originality and innovation in the eyewear sector, specifically for the decoration of metal rods, and subsequently also for plastic frames and three-dimensional printing on spectacle cases. The close collaboration with a leading company in the sector gave the opportunity to invest in research and development of this technique.
The sport cycling sector was also opened with the decoration on racing bike frames and also in the Rollerblade sector with 3D printing of the aluminum frames of the inline skates.
Subsequently, the sublimation method stabilized on flat prints, the choice to abandon the 3D sublimation printing was dictated by the entry of new markets with consequent market saturation and “price struggle” with which the company as many Italian companies could not to compete.
Many of our products are still today printed in sublimation, for example by browsing the catalog we find the mousepad in the fabric version, hereinafter the barmat or mats that are made of the same material as the mousepads but modified in the measurements, then still the coasters, always for the wine and food sector we find the drip collars, changing the address we have the clean-up glasses we gave the name of softcleaner, towels or towel wipes, personalized keys and key rings. Leaving instead from the promotional gadget sector and entering the fashion field we present ourselves with products such as swimwear, clothing in general with partial sublimation and full field, on semi-finished and finished products decorating fabrics such as lycra, wool etc.

In the late nineties, aware of the potential of the company and taking advantage of the different types of printing of which it was equipped, Silky undertook different paths. The production of custom mouse pads began. The decision to undertake this new project arose from the need to make more use of offset printing machines (lithography), otherwise exclusively for sublimation transfer printing. The immediate problem was that of printing directly on pvc supports instead of the traditional printing on paper, this involved changes in machinery and investments of time and human resources. The machines in addition to the changes for printing on plastic materials had a second change with the inclusion of the UV printing, which simplified the production considerably. The step, certainly not easy nor painless, began a series of experiments that led to the diversification of production items. Today Silky is present on the market with a panel of articles ranging from promotional gadgets to sublimation printing on objects, from the study and creation of packaging to creativity and coordinated image.
The promotional gadgets, for some years now, have become the company’s flagship products, the personalized mouse pads in particular, remain after years on the market still the most requested custom gadgets. The reasons are varied, certainly our dedication to the study of new products and the upgrade of existing ones have played an important role, just think of the diversification of mousepads. In the catalog we have ten types of customizable mousepads, the classic mousepad with the non-slip mousse, the 0,3 mm ultraslim mousepad. thick, the metal mousepad with metallic effect mirror effect as a printing base, the variants of the classic mousepad such as the document holder open on three sides for the insertion of paper documents, and the photo holder with a 10×15 cm window, the mousepad portacard with a business card or credit card format, the mouse pad version with the most popular calendar especially in the period between October and December and finally the fabric mousepad made with the print sublimation. Another reason not less important than the success of mouse pads we find in their use, the location and usefulness of this object are strategic, it is a real work tool that stays all day under the eyes of the user thus becoming a great promotional gadget. The consequence of the success of the mousepads has led us to implement promotional products trying to maintain quality, reliability and originality. With the same characteristics of the mousepad we also produce custom desk pads better known as “desk pads” and the customized counter pads suitable for hardware and industrial supplies counters.

We have created a line of promotional gadgets referring to the oenological sector consisting of coasters, bar runner personalized with the sublimation printing technique. We have implemented the section of advertising gadgets with items such as softcleaners (custom cloths for cleaning lenses, monitors and delicate surfaces in general), courtesy towels in TNT (non-woven fabric), keys and keychain decorated in sublimation, passport or badge holder in different variants, brooches and magnets, personalized mugs, key rings, folding bottles, technological items such as USB sticks, covers for mobile phones as well as items that Silky has always produced as personalized stickers, window stickers, plates, rulers etc.

The possibility of exploiting the various types such as silk-screen printing, offset printing and sublimation printing within the company and making them interact with each other, offers continuous ideas to create innovative products. The research and the curiosity for the news, are two essential factors to work with enthusiasm and to give life to products that can compete in the market. An important feature that distinguishes the company as a manufacturer of promotional gadgets and printing and graphic products, is to provide a valid technical and commercial consultancy with the aim of identifying the most suitable solution to customer needs.

Every product we make maintains a strong artisan profile made of attention to detail. We believe that the efforts made with the craft work, avoiding the exasperated industrialization of the products, are repaid by the final quality. Raw materials and semi-finished products ranging from PVC and mousse for the production of mouse pads, to the natural rubber coupled fabric used for products such as barmat, coasters, all inks for offset printing for screen printing and for sublimation, they are bought on the Italian and European market. Almost all the production of our articles is developed in the company, this because we strongly believe in MADE IN ITALY as a distinctive sign. Now more than ever it is important to work in Italy and with Italy. In fact, our reference market is almost exclusively Italian.
The last important step the company has done with the entry of new professionals who have made techniques and skills, implementing those already existing. Thanks to this choice, the graphic sector has improved quality, the number of products in the catalog has increased and customer service has also improved. Now the company marketing follows a new graphic line with the renewed website, the catalogs and the technical sheets of the products that can be downloaded online. The commercial and administrative office give a quick and detailed response to requests for quotes or logistical reasons. The company continues to grow and develop new studies and projects with the dedication and professionalism that has always distinguished it.