Graphics - Silky
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Graphics and printing
Our graphic office develops all the technical / creative work and, on request, supports the customers in the creation of their personalizations. The multi-year experience of the staff in graphics applied to printing is available to customers for practical and aesthetic advice. In addition to customizing the graphics on promotional gadgets, packaging studies, exhibitors and distributors, signage, signage, etc. are also examined.

Research and development
The products we handle, whether they are promotional gadgets, print or paper converting articles, are created step by step within the company, from the ideation of the sketch to the realization of the prototypes, from the analysis of the customer’s needs to the choice of materials. Some of the promotional gadgets that we have in the catalog have been made internally, thanks to the research and development work in which the company has always invested a lot of resources. Thus even screen printing and sublimation, despite being two consolidated techniques, are continually reprocessed to be applied in new projects.

Coordinated image
In marketing, what is a coordinated image serves to give recognition to a company on any occasion. In harmony with this concept we submit to our customers products that follow their graphic line, when existing, alternatively we develop the projects with the same logic. The promotional gadgets referring to the wine industry for example, are developed to be also offered as a kit: the barmat, coasters and drip collars are products that lend themselves to compose kits that sometimes transform them from promotional gadgets to real sales products. .

The presence of three types of printing such as offset printing, silk-screen printing and sublimation printing, along with the work process of the components means that the company meets most of the needs of the market. For some years we have implemented the graphic office alongside new services to those already existing, for example with a photographic studio complete with equipment for realizations of still-life. There is therefore the possibility for customers to request photographic services of their products for their exclusive use, to be used for new catalogs or for the website or for some advertising campaign.