Personalized blotter, Desk Pad.
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Desk Pad, PVC suface

Desk Mat

CUSTOMIZABLE DESK PAD: the Desk Pad with your logo.

Customizable pad, the desk pad in anti-scratch and anti-reflective PVC, coupled with synthetic mousse or with anti-slip silicone texture on the back.

Placed on the table, the desk pad delimits the action area, preventing it from being occupied by other objects that would otherwise obstruct the daily work phases. Give yourself as a personalized gadget to promote the brand always remaining in plain sight.


  • Available formats: 42×29.7 cm | 48×32 cm | 40×29 cm | 30×30 cm | 33 cm diameter | 29.7 cm diameter
  • Print: offset color process
  • Versini: Classic Version pvc coupled with 2.5 mm thick black rubber | Ultraslim Version PVC version with silicon back for total grip, 0.4 mm thick
  • Packaging: shipped in box or, on request, individually packaged in transparent polybag
  • Minimum production: 250 pcs
Graphics, Advertising, Calendar ... all at hand!

Promote your brand by always staying on top of your customers' desk. Perfect also as a planner.

Desk Pad
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