Printing of adhesive labels on request, in screen printing and offset, stickers for any use
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Print custom adhesive labels in screen printing and offset printing

Personalized adhesive labels in every shape.

The personalized adhesive labels, also called personalized stickers, can have a regular shape or be punched on an ad hoc shape.
Printed in serigraphy or offset printing, made of PVC permanent or removable adhesive.

The material of the personalized stickers can be shaped as desired, die cut in whole cut and delivered to the customer as a finished piece. In the case of kits composed of different adhesives, it is possible to supply the sheet with the complete 1/2 cut die-cut kit. The half cutting is suitable for peeling during application (see the pic).

In addition to promotional stickers, we also produce technical stickers. The technical ones are customized stickers for industrial machines (danger warnings or prohibitions), for anti-counterfeiting, for LED keypads or for technical instructions. We print on transparent, white, ultra-white, transparent adhesive pvc of 0.2 / 0.3 mm. thick in off-set printing up to the maximum size of cm. 35×50, thicknesses from 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 mm. in silk-screen printing with line graphics in medium-large formats.

personalized adhesive labels

The adhesive label has always been in the promotional and technical fields. To always be in sight.

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