Microfibre mouse pad customized in four colors. The most original
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Mouse Pad – Microfibra Pad

The multifunctional microfibre mousepad


Microfiber mouse pad, very light with its 9 grams of weight. Mouse pad in soft microfibre, because it is not coupled with thick or rigid materials.

The new mouse pad for everyday work.

Comfortable, as you can fold, crumple or keep in your pocket, without the risk of it breaking, lose its shape or its use prerogative as a mouse pad.

18 x 21 cm. or 20 cm. in diameter, these are the measures of the MicroFibraPad. With its spacious, fully usable surface, it allows convenient use.
The microfibre also makes this mousepad a safe ally for the precision of movement of the cursor on the monitor.

Maximum convenience when you have to move from the office with the laptop. The new mouse mat is easy, convenient and not at all cumbersome in the movements. Do you have to reach a client to show them your work? The MicroFibraPad always with you, allows you to find yourself prepared and with the monitor always in order.

Thanks to its softness, you can comfortably fold it and pocket it. The most neat, however, given the thin thickness, will be able to store their mouse pad in microfiber between the keyboard and the monitor of the laptop, to have it always with you on any occasion and ready to use.

The strength of the microfiber mousepad is certainly its ductility. Even extremely delicate surfaces such as glasses lenses can be cleaned with the MicroFibraPad.

Always having a cleaner cloth that adapts to the cleaning of many surfaces is useful in many work and leisure occasions.
Many objects have digital displays such as smartphones and tablets, and one of the most frequent gestures is to clean the monitor. The MicroFibraPad adapts to this function thanks to the silicone texture printed on the back that acts as an anti-slip when used as a mouse pad and allows proper handling of the object when used as a soft cleaner.

The texture has been studied with a polka dot design, to maintain the softness of the microfibre and to give a pleasant sensation to the touch.

Unlike the other mousepads that remain on the desk, the MicroFibraPad is always with us by customers, working lunches, in the pocket during the aperitif, always ready to be used.

The microfiber mousepad, excellent vehicle for marketing, surpasses other mousepads in the function of promotional gadgets for its ease of transport and use. Great gadget to give to its customers during fairs or in the launch of a product.

The package lends itself to total customization, for a fully branded gadget.

  • Available formats: 21×18 cm and 20 cm diam
  • Material: Microfiber of 220 gr / mq or 250 gr / mq
  • Print: Four-color print on 1 side + anti-slip texture on the back
  • Single package: in a single case or envelop, neutral or personalized
  • Production: minimum 100 pcs



The best gadget of the year!

The new mouse pad for everyday work. Lightweight with its 9 grams of weight. Soft, because in microfibre fabric.

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