Customizable pvc cards for fidelity cards, loyalty cards, discount cards |
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PVC Cards

The card with a thousand uses

PVC cards

PVC cards have a standard size of 85×54 mm. The 0.76 mm white PVC offers considerable resistance and durability over time.

PVC cards can be customized in four-color front and back without graphics limit.

Today personalized cards perform different functions: they can become a Fidelity Card, a Drink Card, a Gift Card. In the same way they can be used as a discount card to give to customers.

The plasticized cards have become indispensable objects of our daily life, used in both professional and personal areas, they carry out the function of conveying the brand offering advantages to those who own them.



Supermarkets, shops, discos, bars, clubs, fairs, points of sale, tour operators, offices. The card for every place and every event.

PVC cards
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