Silk-screen printing - Silky
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Silk-screen printing

UV printing

The personalizations with the glossy and opaque UV print embellish the work giving a touch of elegance and originality. They may have full or partial coverage of pre-printed graphics. They are particularly suitable for products such as: shoppers, tags for clothing and those products that need to be protected on the surface.

Thickened UV print
A special processing of the UV printing that can be given only by the screen printing technique is the thickened UV print. It consists of a normal UV varnish that has a strong impact on sight and touch. In this case the fields of application are many, the yield of the thickened UV varnish is normally used to enrich the particular, hardly for full funds.

Decorations with UV printing
Using the same technique mentioned above (the thickened UV print) you can get real masterpieces of craftsmanship. The image shows an ultra-thin UV print, to obtain these results the whole preparation procedure must be performed to perfection, from the preparation of the frames to the dilution of the inks. These processes are adapted to the covers of catalogs of a certain value, but also to the objects. Among the various promotional gadgets we have made some with this technique.

Screen printing.
Silk-screen printing is not only UV, many processes can be done in silk-screen printing. The glitter print, fluorescent and phosphorescent colors, the mirror paint, are just some examples of the potential of this technique. The sectors of application vary from objects to clothing, to packaging that is increasingly important in marketing.