Printing with sublimation transfers of our production. Offset, screen printing and digital
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Sublimation transfers paper

The sublimatic transfers, for a brilliant print

We create sublimation transfer papers with off-set printing and screen printing techniques. Sublimation is a system that allows you to customize various materials with high definition. The supports can be of various materials: fabrics, metals, alloys, but must have some peculiarities suitable to withstand the various stages of processing.

The workings of sublimation transfers

In addition to the realization of sublimation transfers, the company is also equipped for the transfer of materials. For example, among our products made with this technique you can find the mousepads in “fabric coupled with natural rubber” then still the coasters, the barmat made with the same type of material and which are part of the promotional gadgets related to the catering sector, the cleaning cloths glasses etc …

Sublimation transfers in clothing

In the field of clothing, there are many processes, ranging from sweaters to swimwear to accessories. Also in this case the fabrics must respect specific compositions. The prerogative of sublimation is that of incorporating itself into the fiber of the fabric, unlike the screen printing that remains on the surface.

We also use sublimation on some special promotional gadgets such as personalized keys and key rings. It is a small metal product, and its high definition customization is only possible with this particular technique. The results are particularly appreciated in the case of full colors and bright colors.